My Teeny-Tiny Dolls™ Ballot – CLOSED


Good morning all. Hope you’re all having a great week. Now as per my recent Facebook posts, I will be holding ballots here on my blog, to ensure that I am following the rules and guidelines with running ballots.

From how I’ve read it, any type of sweepstakes/ballots where you have people enter (via the use of FB wall to comment) and pick a random winner to get a prize (in my case, the prize being the chance to purchase) is not allowed to be run without a 3rd party application. So, just to make sure I’m adhering to the guidelines (after all, don’t want to lose my likes), I’ll run it here until I know how to use other 3rd party avenues approved by Facebook. Okay, admin stuff over, now for the fun bit!


Okay, I’ll have 3 My Teeny-Tiny Dolls™ up for grabs.

First is MTTD Max

PLEASE NOTE: MTTD Bunny and Satchel NOT included

MTTD Max is 11″ tall and weighted with rice. He comes with a red crochet beanie which is removable.


2nd available for purchase is MTTD Boo

MTTD Boo is 11″ tall and weighted with rice.


And last but not least of the MTTDs, one of the latest member of the CYSN family is My Teeny-Tiny Doll™ Red and Lamb

MTTD Red comes with her teeny-tiny Bestie the Lamb, who comes with a Satchel, so Red can carry her around. The satchel is removable and attached with a snap. MTTD Red is 11″ tall and weighted with rice and Lamb is 4″ tall and made with Gingermelon pattern.


Now, here’s how to enter:

  • One comment/entry per person
  • Let me know which My Teeny-Tiny Doll™ you would like to purchase if your name gets picked out and why – only because it’d be boring to see just the names on the comments 🙂 If you don’t mind which, write the 3 names down in the order you prefer. Please note, if there is a particular one(s) you do not want to purchase, do not write down their name.

NOTE: Your comments is subject to approval before it gets posted up, so if you don’t see yours straight away, not to worry – I’ll try to approve as soon as it comes through.

  • Ballot CLOSES 7pm tonight (AEST). I will make a comment “CLOSED” and all entries made after it will not be entered into the draw


I will randomly draw out 3 names, one at a time and based on your preference will be the MTTD you get the chance to purchase. I will e-mail winners individually as well as announce on here the name of the winners + post on Facebook at 8pm (AEST)


Winners will have 24 hours to reply from the time of announcement and if no response received within the time frame, another name will get picked out (no exception).


Once accepted, the winners must pay immediately via PayPal or Direct Deposit (Australian residence only). Please be advised, no holds available.


Okay, I think that’s it. Just to re-cap:


Good luck all! – Mariane

EDIT: Oops, forgot to add that shipping is $11.00 Registered Post – tracking + signature (Australia Wide) and approximately $12.00 International Regular Airmail (exact postage cost will depend on destination). Thank you


115 thoughts on “My Teeny-Tiny Dolls™ Ballot – CLOSED

  1. Hi I would like red please as she has my name written all over her (my dads nickname for me strawberry freckles) If red is unavailable then max please thank you 🙂 🙂

    • Woops why I need the red one is Red is my favourite colour 🙂 She would be just for me to sit on my computer desk and play with when my little one is not looking heheheh

  2. Sold for Boo- she is absolutely the cutest. I lie her hair, reminds me of what mine was like as a child 🙂

  3. Oh i love them all and would welcome them all with open arms. In order would be Boo, then Red and last but not.least i do love a teeny tiny boy. I to welcome one because your work inspires me and i would love to have one watching me work and chase my dreams xx

  4. Would love red and lamb she is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen 🙂 then boo then max!! I’d be happy with any of your beautiful creations :))

    • Oops forgot to add why….I love your dolls and think that any if the 3 would make a great 1st birthday present for my little girl

  5. Oh me oh my! My Teddy needs a “max” friend. but i would love to own any of your “possy” so boo or Red can could come and live with me too 😉

  6. Max is my pick. He looks like my son with his hair and red beanie, and not forgetting the guitar on his top.

  7. I’d love max for my little boy or even Boo. She would make a great 1st birthday present for his best friend.

  8. sold. really really want max or boo because i have a problem and am addicted to cysn dolls at 25 years old. lol. no really, love them and you should be so proud mariane x

  9. Hi id love Red then Boo please. Im yet to get a CYSN doll so will keep trying my luck til I do 🙂

  10. I would love to add Red to our family as my eldest is also a “red” 🙂 Boo is also the sweetest thing I have ever seen so I would love her to come and live with us 😀 Max would be a wonderful addition to our CYSN family – we need a boy 😀 Thanks Mariane 🙂 They are all gorgeous!

  11. Oh most definately Red and lamb. Because I’d love a little red head who looks like strawberry shortcake.xx

  12. Hi, I love them all but would love Red, Boo then Max. I live in a house of boys so am in need of some girl company 🙂

  13. Boo please Mariane. I’m trying to get an MTTD for a friend. I’m lucky enough to have one and a binky boo for my daughter and it seems to me that MTTDs for Christmas for my friends two girls would be fab!! Well, I have one chrissy present MTTD and Boo would be a perfect second!!

  14. Red would be such a good friend to Rose and they can both take care of little lamb and take her out for nice countryside walks 😉

  15. Max, Boo, red and lamb……please
    My poor little Amber fairy is so lonely at Kindergarten all by herself. At night when all the children go home she has no one to play with, as the other toys are very jealous of her and just how popular she is with the children! Please Send us all another MTTD to join us on our adventures…… And of corse to keep Amber company at night! 🙂

  16. I would love Red to add to my daughters strawberry shortcake shelf. Max and Boo would also be very welcome in our house xx

  17. I would love the chance to purchase red and her little lamb because she reminds me of when I was a little girl with my pet lamb sootyfoot. I don’t often do things for myself but I have been admiring your beautiful dollies from afar and I think Red and her lamb are beautiful.
    Thanks for putting so much joy into people’s lives with your beautiful creations
    Cheers Cory

  18. Lil Red and Lamb as I love her but a very close second would have to be Boo…looking to add a girl MTTD to join Willis…he is feeling a tad lonely and Miss Kitty Cat would love another girl to join her. : 0 ))

  19. IDE like to purchase MTTD Boo then Red then Max, because I would love to put them in my daughters room and see what mischief they could get up to together!

  20. I would LOVE Boo pretty please.. She is wearing Teal, which is the colour of my dance studio, so if I win her, my little baby Bonni can take her to all our competitions and concerts and she can be the Prestige Academy of Dance, teeny-tiny-mascot 🙂

  21. Hello!
    I would love to purchase Boo please and then Max… I just love all your dolls as they are so sweet and unique… I so want one for my little girl!
    Thanks and fingers crossed xoxo

  22. I would like to have Red, Boo or Max come and live with me, I love all your gorgeous dolls so much and constantly stalk your page hoping to adopt one xx

  23. Although I really love red and all strawberry blondes in this house, she’s a bit over my budget :)) so luckily I love them all but BOO has gorgeous fashion sense and max too and max is such a cool looking dude :)) so I’ll say BOO. Then MAX. Good luck everyone xxxxx

  24. Strawb-b-b-b-b-berry strawberry shortcake!! (sung to the movie theme!) ! I love Red and Lamb and must admit I buy my daughter strawberry shortcake dolls but i really get them for my own enjoyment!! So Red would be my own pride and joy on my shadow box watching over (and probably teasing) my children whilst I get her all to myself! Yay!! Boo next please then Max!

  25. I love max soo much I want to get a mttd boy for my little boy:)so he can be the coolest boy around hehe I’d also love red for myself because she is just Devine:)

  26. I’d love Boo or Max please, and I would love them because Miss Hannah is missing them terribly. That, plus I’ve got 5 kids, and need a few more of your gorgeous dolly’s to even out the mix here 🙂

  27. I would love Boo please. My 2 year old Harry is loving monsters inc at the moment so it would only be fitting to pick her. M’leigh 🙂

  28. I’d love boo as she is wearing all my favourite colours, but most of all because she is just gorgeous. Love everything about her.

  29. Max, as I don’t yet have any male dolls, then Boo as I love her stripey dress, and thirdly, Red, as she is very sweet!

  30. Thank you for the chance to love and squeeze and play with these gorgeous girls 🙂
    Boo then Red & Lamb please! Why? Because I am totally in love with your work and these munchkins would bring hours of joyful playtime to our family :)x

  31. ohhh i would love boo!! she is just gorgeous and then Lily wont miss out on a gorgeous CYSN!! also she is in the perfect colours!! fingers crossed!!

  32. I have 3 boys who will just love to get their hands on Max and put him in an airplane..bin truck..boat..racecar..anything that moves, really! And if he is already on his way to another lucky home then we’d love to have Boo come join us! She doesnt have long hair like Red that my 8 month old girl would love to pull on!! 🙂

  33. Oh how exciting , I get a chance to pop in my little ballot in my lunch break Horray .

    I would love Max to be our first addition to our family as my little boy would love him so much .
    Then Boo as she is as cute as a button and looks like my little neice … what a great 2nd birthday pressie .
    Red Lamb would also be very welcome and would stay with me and be my own little friend until my little girl arrives in August then I feel she will take over .


  34. OoooMyyyyyGoodness! I LOVE all of thenm!! How can I choose… They are all so adorable!
    If Im the lucky one tonight, I would have to go firstly with Max, then Red & Lamb and lucky last Boo!
    Good luck to everyone, I do hope and pray I can add another CYSN to my collection x o x

  35. OoooMyyyyyGoodness! I LOVE all of them!! How can I choose… They are all so adorable!
    If Im the lucky one tonight, I would have to go firstly with Max (for my little boy who is yet to have he’s very own MTTD ) then Red & Lamb and lucky last Boo!
    Good luck to everyone, I do hope and pray I can add another CYSN to my collectionx o x

  36. Hi Mariane! I would LOVE the opportunity to purchase MTTD ‘Red’ as a very special gift for my daughters Second Birthday coming up very soon! Thanks lovely! xo

  37. I would love the beautiful Boo to come & live at our place! Her gorgeous turquoise colors would match beautifully with my little girls room x

  38. Without a doubt I would LOVE to win Max!! I have a gorgeous almost 2 year old and he loves snuggling and smooching his toys and I bet he’d love to give Max a little snuggle too! It would make the perfect present for his 2nd birthday!!

  39. Max please, as my wife really needs a male doll :-), Boo and Red, as that would help balance the male/female ratio in our household:-) thankyou

  40. Max, Boo, Red just because they are all sooo gorgeous! Plus I would love an MTTD for my young Master. Pleeeeaaaassssse!!!

  41. Boo would have to a favourite 😉 Why ? to full fill my need and addiction to handmade dolls haha….I would love to win pleaaassse xx

  42. Boo, Red and then Max – it’s a gift for a soon to be newborn so would have fingers crossed for a girl for her xxx

  43. we would love any of ur mttds as theyre like gold every1 wants a piece of them and hard 2 get our hands on lol but 2 narrow it down we would like max as i would like 2 start teaching bubby diversity n she can play with boy things as well as girly things. then we’d pick red cos shes red n green, daddy’s favourite colours (huge rabbitohs supporter lol) n then boo just cos shes an mttd n we love them all 🙂

  44. I’d love to adopt:
    1. Max because he looks like my baby boy
    2. Boo because she’s adorable and I’d love to have her for myself- she would be my first CYSN doll!

  45. I would love Boo then Max then Red but I would be oooooohhhhh so happy to have any Mttd!! My daughter love loves loves your dolls and keeps telling me she would would love! I just love them all!!! Thank you Mariane for giving us the chance to own one of your gorgeous creations!!! 🙂

  46. hi mariane today is a difficult day for me …the anniversary of my mum’s death 😦
    my mum loved sewing and made all our clothes perhaps that is why i love your MTTD’s and their designer clothes :0)
    i would love either boo or red to come and live with me xxx

  47. Max would be my daughters first love ❤
    Boo would be her best friend ❤
    Red and Lamb would be MY little treasures and Lamb would have lots of Binky friends as i also LOVE to handsew using these Gingermelon patterns.

    Mariane, you are a genius.

  48. Oh how exciting, just discovered your wonderful work! I would be happy with any as they are just gorgeous and i am sure they would make a special place in our home!

  49. Red & the lamb set please!
    My teeny tiny satchel dog has been harassing me ALL day so I really feel obligated to try and win this duo for him, he really needs lambie to have as a pal. (And I need Red as my pal!!) 🙂

  50. I’ve love to take home red or boo. My little girls nickname is boo so that is appropriate, but above all I just love your work and would love to have a piece brightening our days at home!

  51. I have loved your dolls for a long time but have missed all the opportunities to purchase. I would love to get one for my little niece Milly. My favorite is Boo, but I would be happy with Red as second choice followed by Max at #3!

  52. I would love Boo or Red and Lamb- she would be my first tiny doll. I just adore your creations and would be so happy to finally have one!! Thanks, Ildiko

  53. Hi there! I would love the opportunity to purchase Boo. Since I am already lucky enough to own one of your beautiful dolls, I am entering this ballot for a friend who has not been fortunate enough to nab one yet. Fingers crossed!!

  54. Max, Max Max! You are the doll I have been searching for! My little guy Ryan is 5 years old next month and Max would be the perfect gift to celebrate this momentous occasion! He has been eyeing his 2 sisters hand made dolls and has asked for one of his own. Plus his dad plays guitar so this could be the one doll he does agree to me buying (as opposed to the rest of have bought now, told later hehe)

  55. I would love Red & Lamb because they are way too cute! Then Boo because we love Boo from Monster Inc.

  56. Hi Mariane,
    We would absolutely love the chance to add a CYSN beauty to our handmade doll collection ( we have been trying for soooo long!) either one would be welcome in our house, we are waiting patiently :)But if I MUST pick, my preferences would be Boo, Max and Red in that order
    Thankyou x

  57. Hi Mariane,
    I would really love to add our very first CYSN doll to our handmade doll collection. We have been trying for sooooo long now so either of these three beauties would be made to feel very welcome here 🙂 If I MUST choose a preference it would be Boo ( for my daughter), Max ( for my nephew) then Red ( for me!) in that order 🙂
    Thankyou x

  58. I would LOVE to purchase MTTD Max for my little man who is rather sad that his big sister has a MTTD and he doesn’t..

  59. Hi Mariane, we would love the opportunity to give Boo a new home :-)…..or Red
    Thanks, in anticipation…

    Jacqui Welbourne

  60. I would love boo or red. They are so so cute and I think they would be a great companion for my 3 girls.

  61. MTTD – Boo
    MTTD – Max

    I’m so lucky to already own a MTTD Amelia,
    But I have 2 neices & I can’t give Amelia
    Until I have another MTTD to give to
    Each neice!! Lol!! Otherwise I’ll just have
    To keep MTTD Amelia allllll to myself!!!

  62. I would love Boo as my little miss is obsessed with monsters inc at the. Moment and loves “little boo”

  63. BALLOT IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you to everyone that took the time to enter. Loved all your comments and really, really appreciate it heaps! All entries/comments made after this will not be entered into the draw. I will pick out 3 names, one at a time and based on your preference will be the MTTD that you get the chance to purchase. I will e-mail winners individually and announce here and post on Facebook the winners. Mariane xxx

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