A Special My Teeny-Tiny Doll™

On January 11th 2012, 7:51am, one of our friends (hubby’s old school mate) had this on his FB wall:

They should make a Barbie with no hair, so that every little girl that is fighting cancer feels beautiful!! Put her in pink with a head scarf, and name her HOPE. Give the proceeds from the sales to cancer research.”

I asked him if this was his idea and his response was:

No not my original Idea , it came from my Sis , but I do like the idea. I lost my mum to cancer, and my Aunt, and my Uncle, and now my Ex, my daughters mother is battling it, and I have many friends who have had it and in remission, and some that are still battling with. Not good, it touches so many lives.”


My family too has been touched by cancer. My Aunty Virginia had breast cancer and passed away in the early 90s. She was also my godmother, and her and her husband sponsored my family to come to Australia back in 1985. So she was very special to us and I think of her a lot and I miss her dearly.


So I asked my friend and his sister’s permission to make a doll as per their description and auction it on my Cook You Some Noodle’s Facebook page with the proceeds of the highest bid to be donated to their chosen charity.

They decided to have it go towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation “Funding Research for Prevention and Cure”.

To support breast cancer research:

“It’s now easier than ever to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s research programs with an online donation, monthly donation, gift in celebration of a person or event, or a gift in memory.”


Now in honour of my Aunty Virginia, I have named this My Teeny-Tiny Doll™ NENE – as we called my aunty Aunty Nene.


 MTTD Nene is very cute with her sun-kissed cheeks and she is wearing a pink checked dress with pink ribbon detailing , knee-high socks and hot pink Mary Jane shoes. She wears matching hot pink sun hat embellished with a white rosette for fashion as well as sun protection. She is 11″ tall and filled with polyfill for softness – NO Rice.


MTTD Nene wears her sandy blonde hair in a fashionable manner, plaited to the side (as did my Aunty in her younger days).


However, sometimes her sandy blonde wig gets a bit hot and itchy, so on warmer days, she just likes to hang around with her cute hairless head …


When MTTD Nene is not wearing a hat, she likes to embellish her hair with a cute rosette skinny headband , with or without her wig.


MTTD Nene loves going for walks and playing in the park and can travel in style in her very own Carry-Me Tote bag © 2012


And when she needs to have a rest and take a nap, she relaxes in her very soft-as-clouds Sleeping Bag …


… and dreams of “noodles” – referenced from the movie  Kung Fu Panda (2008)


So, in honour of my Aunty Nene, my friend’s Mum, Aunt, Uncle, his daughter’s Mum and many friends affected by cancer, I would like to have the above My Teeny-Tiny Doll™ and Accessories auctioned with the highest bidder taking claim to MTTD Nene and her cute accessories.

I will donate 100% of the proceeds to  the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). I will open up the bid on my Facebook page on Friday 20th April 2012 10am (AEST) and close the bidding at 8pm (AEST) Monday night 23rd April 2012.

The highest bid will get My Teeny-Tiny Doll™  Nene, Sun Hat, Rosette Headband, Carry-Me Tote Bag and Sleeping Bag Set + Shipping. The highest bidder will also receive a copy of the receipt from the NBCF to authenticate the donation.


A post and picture of the MTTD Set will be posted 10am (AEST) Friday 20th 2012 on my Facebook page to signal the start of the auction and bidding.


Thank you for your time and hopefully, very, very soon a cure can be found.

xxx Mariane


5 thoughts on “A Special My Teeny-Tiny Doll™

  1. *tears are flowing*

    What a beautiful sentiment, Mariane.

    This cause is also very close to my heart. I’ve battled BC, as has my Aunty, Godmother and several close friends.

    This little lady and the story behind her has touched my heart.

    See you at the auction!

    Bless you Xx

  2. Oh what a wonderful thing to do! As having breast cancer myself and currently going through chemo I can very much relate to the baldness :). I would love it if you could buy these to help educate young kids. It’s not just women over 50, Young people are getting breast cancer and it is very hard to explain to a 2 year old why mummy has no hair and to prepare them for the sudden change. This doll would be perfect for that! You are fabulous Mariane and love that you are using your success to help out a great cause.

  3. I had BC almost 3 years ago at age 35 and I would have loved to have given my 4 children a doll each to cuddle when mum was away having surgery, chemotherapy and lots of hospital admissions. I think it would have provided such comfort – (especially to me!) and lessened my guilt about being so absent. I also LOVE your superhero doll. Congratulations Mariane – I look forward to seeing the results of the bidding. Thanking you for your kindness XX

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