My Sewing Area …

… is now organised … well, the area you can see anyway. Just don’t look in our cupboards, my bedroom and any other area where a door can be closed .

So here’s a few pics of it. It’s in the same area as our dining space. The sewing and office side.


New purchases from the last time I posted about my sewing space are, 2 red stools. Gives the space more room as it can be slid under the tables. I also bought a white board magnet board for my everyday “to do” list. Also, you can’t see in the picture, but we replaced 6 of our dining chairs with 2 benches, so more room again and has stopped the boys banging their heads on the back of the chairs when they are chasing each other around the dining table. All purchased from my favourite store IKEA.


And on the other side is my cutting table, fabrics and all other nic-nacs.


The extra sewing machine I borrowed from Mum for when I sew very late at night as the other machine is right next to the neighbour’s bedroom wall I think, and I’m sure they won’t appreciate the whirring of the machine 2 o’clock in the morning.

Those red, blue and green 1-2-3 storage boxes are great as you can easily see what’s inside them through the mesh front and again from IKEA for $14.99/set of 3 and fits nicely in that space of the shelves where I can’t re-adjust the shelving space.



I also bought a white board magnet board for this side and made those red-blue-green buntings last night from felt (embroidery yarn threaded through the top of the triangles) to add a bit of colour in that space.


So, there it is, Cook You Some Noodles™ central, where it all happens 🙂


EDIT: I took this photo of the WHOLE sewing area while my youngest wasn’t in the flat as I had to get on the kitchen counter, which I know he would’ve copied if he was here.


Oh, and here’s one I sketched earlier … not. Playing around with the setting on my camera 🙂


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