My First Love

Okay, don’t want to feed the stereotype of Filipinos and shoes, but this Filo lurves her shoes.

I first blogged about my love of shoes here and the difficulty of finding noice ones in my size.

So, it was great news when Mum told me last year her and Dad were taking a holiday to the Philippines for Christmas.

So, before she left, I gave her my list and cardboard cutout of my foot.

Because I don’t go to work outside of home anymore, there’s less need for me to get high heel shoes and more practical to get flats with 2 little boys in tow when we’re out and about.

So I got her to get me 2 of each.

Very Grecian – now these ones she actually got from the children’s section – it’s a size 33. Yup, my feet are small – I can fit into kids’ size 13/1


These look great with shorts and denim.


I’m yet to wear this one, so gotta get hubby to arrange a night out so I can wear them out.


Now these I have worn on a night out and they-are-fantastic! The straps don’t cut at the back and the front bit is wide enough so it doesn’t squish and cut the little toe.


So those are my nice new shoes for the year (or until either we or the parents go back to the Philippines). But most days, I wear my Converse – either the white ones, the black ones, the army green high tops or the sandals. Hey at kids’ sizes and during sale time, why not get more than one! 🙂



4 thoughts on “My First Love

  1. Mariane, found this site through Here Kitty Kitty’s page on facebook – ‘Shoes of Prey’ custom made shoes for European sizes 31 – 49 🙂 -

    It looks so tempting!

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