Felt Bunting

Okay, so the sewing area is getting there. We swapped around our lounge room area with my sewing area last weekend and that was a big move with so many furnitures involved, plus all my “stuff” (which mostly are housing on the floor at the moment)

So 1 week on, one side of the room (hubby’s computer desk, my computer area and the sewing table) is getting there. On the previous post, these were the things I still needed to do: 

  1. Put up a display shelf and wire hanging line
  2. Fold and put away my fabric stash
  3. Organise the “office” part of the work station including drawers
  4. Get rid of stuff I don’t need or use
  5. Hang my display clipboards
  6. And make a cute little bunting for my cutting area – DONE!


The last one on the list I made last night – cute little felt bunting


This idea was inspired by a bunting by emersonmade. She does fashion now, but she was well known for her big fabric flowers and home decor. I first saw emersonmade’s buntings on Lushlee, a design blog dedicated to artful finds, effortless style and pretty things.

Photo courtesy of Lushlee


 I will just another item on that to do list:

7. Make wall art for that blank wall on the side


So apart from that, that area is done. I have drawers underneath the table that house the essential sewing needs and tools.


So today, I’ll try to get my shelf display up on the wall so that way I can start displaying my boys’ art work.


2 thoughts on “Felt Bunting

    • I’ve just taken a photo of the other side of the room and will post up soon. I want people to see how un-organised I really am LOL. Same overlocker really? You mean your fabulous ruffles are made using the same overlocker? There’s hope then for me. And yes to the kindred spirits x

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