Display Shelf Up

Okay, the 1st that was on my To Do List for the sewing area is done!

“Put up a display shelf and wire hanging line”


The shelf and wire hanging line are both from IKEA (lurve that place!). This will house the boys’ art work and MTTDs of the week.

I will use the hanging line for drawings, pics and photos of inspirations and fabric swatches.



So here is the office side. It has my computer and hubby’s. Really loving we’re side by side – I can quickly pass ideas by him. Before we were back to back and he normally wouldn’t hear me as he would have his headphones one, so the excuse is 😉

The gorgeous painting of Zach on the far side of the wall is by my friend Shaye of BFF Treehouse



So here is the full side of this wall. As said before, I will have to make some wall art for the empty spaces.


Oh, by the way, I thought I’d show you the OTHER SIDE of my sewing area, that way you don’t get a false impression of me being so neat, tidy and organised. One always need balance in life, right? Well, that’s what I tell myself and the excuse I give to hubby when my “stuff” takes over the floor and the dining table!


So those are my extremes – either really organised or really messy!





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