Apple Pincushions

I said goodbye to my old doughnut pincushions today (blogged about it here)


And welcomed my lovely new and colourful apple pincushions.


I bought the pattern from Retro Mama on etsy back on New Year’s Eve and only had the chance to make it today. They look so nice on my tables that it inspires me to make sure my work area is clear of mess (I give myself 2 days)

I had some lovely feedback today on my Facebook page and a few queried whether I would make some to sell. Giving in to what the public want 😉 I will make some for this Sunday night’s bigcartel market (22nd January 8pm (AEST – Sydney, Australia). There is a countdown timer on my the sidebar on the right.

I asked what colours they would like to see (apart from red, green and yellow) and some suggestions were: pink, turquoise, black, rainbow, lilac, blue and pretty florals. The bright colours I can manage, but the florals I may have to review my fabric stash. As can be seen from the outfits of My Teeny-Tiny Dolls, I lean more towards spots and stripes. But I’m sure I have a few colourful floral fabrics somewhere … hmmm, but where? Really need to get a moved on with the rest of the tidying up of my sewing area.

Some more things I have to do to get my sewing area all tidied and set-up in the way I want are:

  1. Put up a display shelf and wire hanging line
  2. Fold and put away my fabric stash
  3. Organise the “office” part of the work station including drawers
  4. Get rid of stuff I don’t need or use
  5. Hang my display clipboards
  6. And make a cute little bunting for my cutting area (EDIT: Finished one – Thursday 19th January)

Oh, all while finishing custom orders, making items for the store like MTTDs and pincushions all in between looking after the boys. Hmmm, wonder where I left my Wonder Woman outfit  …

Speaking of Wonder Woman, my mum found these photos of when I dressed up as Wonder Woman (for what occasion, I do not recall – maybe a party or a school event). My mum made the whole outfit  (picture was taken circa 1983-84) – clever mum!



Check out the ‘tude on little ol’ me, hey.  A-hah (light bulb moment)! I think this is where I get the inspiration for my dolls’ long knee-high socks … it’s all coming back to me now. I guess playing with dolls and dress-up never goes away for girls young at heart xxx



2 thoughts on “Apple Pincushions

  1. Oh Mariane , you are certainly working that Wonder Woman outfit! How adorable and clever mum indeed. It’s a little obvious where your super talent came from now 🙂 Love the pincushions but now I just need to learn to sew before I have a need for

    • I’m thinking of making some in muted colours and use as home decor to put in a bowl or something. Great to throw at hubby too to get his attention. I’ve put the apple pincushions up high from Zachy’s reach or else those that buy them will get post-slobbered ones LOL

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