♫ Ce-lebrate Good Times, C’mon! ♫

Well some of you have been wondering why I was sewing when I’m supposed to be on a break. Well I had planned to have my bigcartel store open as part of my birthday celebration.

Tomorrow is my birthday and as a way to say THANK YOU for making this birthday lovely, I thought I’d make more My Teeny-Tiny Dolls & Accessories  available to you, to hopefully make some of you happy.

The plan was to make as many items as my age, but alas couldn’t make that many by tonight 2nd January 2012 8:00pm (AEST). As tommorrow, I WILL be taking a break! 🙂

So I bow to you to say thank you for your lovely support, Likes, comments, feedback and overall kindness. Some of you I consider friends and hope to make more this year.

My smile today  is as big as it was in the photo on the left (L: 5 y.o. circa 1980 and R: December 2011)


These items will be available tonight for purchase at 8:00pm (AEST – Sydney time)

See you tonight!


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