Tool of the Week

 Once a week, I thought I’d share with you one tool of the week. No, it’s not about the person who flicks cigarette ashes towards your child’s direction while they’re standing next to you at the lights. Nor is it about the person who stands right in front of the lift door pushing their way in before you and your children (with pram) can get out. I’m sure I can have another segment for those type of “tools”.

But I thought I’d share with you some of the tools I use to help me in my daily sewing and crafting activities. Now they are not going to be miracle savers or anything like that, nor will they sew your creations for you in the middle of the night while you sleep. Just a little helpful item that help make your creation from blah and move towards the “tah-dah”


Okay, let’s get on with it. For CYSN’s premiere tool of the week, I introduce the lint remover!

Photo courtesy of IKEA
Pretty basic tool, right? But we all know how much lint, fluff and tiny pieces of thread are about in the sewing area that get stuck to your lovely creations.
Now in the past I’ve used sticky and masking tape (big no-no as they can sometime leave sticky residue on your fabric). And I’ve also used other types of lint remover, which pretty much become useless after you use it to remove the tiny pieces of tissues you had left in your jeans pocket after it has been through the washing machine.
This one is from IKEA, called BASTIS Link roller and is only $1.99. It has 60 removable sheets that you peel off once it no longer “removes” lint. I use mine when I finish my creations and right before I wrap and package the merchandise for shipping.
It makes a big difference to the finish of your products and it doesn’t upset the nap of fabrics (especially if you use felt).
What about you? Do you use something else to remove animal hairs, dust and fluff from garments? Would love to hear your thoughts.
This post was brought to you by the blue lint in belly buttons (why is it blue?)

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