Josh’s Overnight Bag

Here was a last-minute project I made for Josh on Christmas Eve. We were gonna sleep over my brother’s place Christmas night and Josh wanted to pretty much wanted to bring his whole toy collection with him for the sleepover.

He only had a small wheelie bag that fitted only a few things and not much room for anything else, like his clothes and “Peter” his Rabbit.

So I made him a duffel bag from Saltwater-Kids’ tutorial

Photo courtesy of Saltwater-Kids


 I pretty much had all the supplies on hand (see, it is good to buy all those fabrics and supplies even if at the time there is no immediate use for them). The fabric is from IKEA and the nylon webbing is from Spotlight. Josh picked out the black fabric, as we didn’t have green ones (he’s favourite colour) that was thick enough for the bag, with red webbing handles.



This bag is big enough to fit 4 sets of change of clothes for Josh and Zach, fitted their non-inflated arm floaties and of course Peter the Rabbit (pattern from Dolls and Daydreams)


Josh liked it so much he wanted to carry it for the rest of the night and insisted for it to be next to him in bed while he slept.



Thinking of making one for myself now 🙂



4 thoughts on “Josh’s Overnight Bag

    • Ah, now-a-days, I gauge first whether Josh would like it or not. In the past I’d make something, but then soemthing about it he wouldn’t like. So I try and get his input before I start. It’s all in the pitch of the voice, full of excitement to entice LOL!

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