The NEW My Teeny-Tiny Dolls

Here I sit at my desk, all is quiet, the boys are all asleep – as it should be as it is VERY early in the morning after all.

But I just wanted to formally introduce my very own design and pattern of the NEW My Teeny-Tiny Dolls. Here is the very first doll of this pattern and I am calling her Bella


 The head, I had a few goes at getting the right shape. First few times it was too big for the body, then next it was too square or flat, then it was too pointy and cone-like at the top. So after a LOT of trials and errors, I think I got a good shape to it now.


I designed the arms so it had “hands” and changed the angle so it sits lower and closer to the body.



The legs I made so the bottom part of it  had heels and was shaped to look “like the shoes are shoes”, as one of my customers said.


The girl’s dress/body, I shaped it so it was more triangularly boxed in shape rather than rounded corners.


So with a lot of drafting, cutting, sewing, testing, re-adjusting and doing all those over a LOT of times,  I came up with this final design.


Here is Bella compared to the original My Teeny-Tiny Doll made from modification of patterns by Dolls and Daydreams


 Now Bella I am going to keep, because as her name suggests, she’s just too beautiful to part with.

My Teeny-Tiny Dolls Copyright Cook You Some Noodles 2011 All Rights Reserved.



21 thoughts on “The NEW My Teeny-Tiny Dolls

  1. Pattern drafting is so time consuming that I haven’t given it a thought just yet. I have dolls and daydreams ballerina and bit of whimsy patterns for now and just works with them. But I can see areas that I’d like to modify in times…You did brillantly, I ‘liked’ your page on facebook, your album is lovely 🙂 Smile, Virginie ViviBijoux on facebook and etsy

    • Yes Virginie, I discovered that it does take a LOT of your time. I had given up so many times, but this time round instead of trying to do the whole thing in one go, I just started designing one part at a time. Thank you for liking my page. Have a fantastic day! Mariane

  2. Oh Marianne, she is beautiful, just as her name suggests. Not that they all aren’t gorgeous but she is your precious girl and is just divine. Well done, and I am glad to see I am not the only one that stays awake in the wee hours taking advantage of the peace and quiet to create!


    • Thank you Megan. I thought I better keep one for myself and what a better one than one created from my own pattern. Yes, I stay up oh SO late most nights. funny thing is if I go to bed earlier, when I wake up, I feel more tired. But really, I shouldn’t burn the candles on both end, but it’s oh so quiet! 🙂 Mariane

  3. Mariane, she is *beautiful* to say the least! It’s hard to describe, but she definitely has a different personality and she almost looks a little bit grown up! Very, very sweet. You should be so proud of her, xx.

  4. Hi Mariane, what a gorgeous little doll! I have only just completed my first dolls and daydream pattern (I think it is the tiny little sister doll) too. Dusted off the Janome and I havent sewn anything to completion since highschool(15years ago!). Nothing like having a baby to inspire me to make something for my little one to play with:) Rather chuffed at the end result and having friends give praise gives you a real boost. Something I do miss being out of the workforce since bubba was born. I had a little difficulty with the shape of the head too, I found the D&D doll head a little too flat, or maybe it was just my sewing with such a small seam allowance. Have posted the pic on D&D website if you want to see, its the red head with green floral dress.

  5. Oh I just love her! She truly is beautiful!! Please may I ask what that beautiful polka dot fabric is called? or Where did you get it? Do you ever plan on selling the pattern for others to make?

    • Hi Sheena. Thank you. The fabric I got from Spotlight, and as for the pattern, no i won’t be selling the pattern but you can get a “Little Sister” pattern from Dolls and Daydreams on etsy. Thanks for stopping by. Mariane

  6. Hi Mariane

    From day one, when I liked your page (there should be a LOVE button) I have fallen in love with every creation you do and post up! I am truely blessed, honored and lucky to own a couple of your special little girls 🙂

    You have so inspired me to start sewing which I haven’t done since Year 10 at Highschool (18 years ago). As a mum of 3 young children under 4, I need something to get me inspired other than being a mum doing the cooking, cleaning, washing and as you said it beautifully ‘tickles and giggles’ I have purchased my first lot of fabric and I am going to make an pretty girl Owl doll (pattern from D&D ) and then once I have mastered that, I am going to make a tiny little sister doll.

    Congratulations on re-creating your special little girl Bella, she is just beautiful and you should be so proud! Keep those talented hands of yours sewing ad everyday I love seeing your new creations! I hope to add to my CYSN family 🙂

    Thank you again for being my inspiration and I hope too that one day I can be as talented, gorgeous and successful as you are!

    xx Danielle xx

    • Hi Danielle, wow what a lovely message to wake up to, thank you! Hubby bought me a sewing machine back in 2007 to do the hems of ours pants. It sat in the cupboard for a couple of years, as sometimes it was easier just to take our clothes to get hemmed at the alteration service. But when I found myself wasting time playing Bejewelled when the boys were napping (both under 2 at the time), that’s when I just surfed the web for free tutorials and just tried out lots of different crafts/sewing. Craftgossip and MADE (by Dana) are my favourite blogs with sooo many free projects to make. Then someone asked if I sold my creations (it was women’s bags at the time) and I never even thought about selling. Someone bought some of my stuff and just started sewing from there. That was 2 years ago. Before that, it was back in Year 8 or 9 I think at school like you (that’s about over 20 years ago). So it’s a good way to spend your time, get good at it, make stuff for yourself, the kids or for the home (hubby gets his hems done, granted it does take me 2 weeks to do so LOL). You get better, do different stuff and before you know it, someone like you will be writing to you on how you inspired them. So glad to have made something special for you and very much hope to do more and who knows, buy your creations. Love Mariane x

      • Awwwww thank you beautiful Mariane for your reply! You have brought a smile to my face this early evening with your lovely story and positive words and energy!

        I cannot wait to start making bits and pieces starting with my kiddies and then family and hopefully maybe you one day! That would be a dream cone true..

        My mother in law is a wonderful dress maker of ocer 45 years and works for a clothing company called Very Very so she will be assisting me through this little journey if mine!!

        Thank you for believing in me and again for sharing your story with a complete stranger who was just like me 2 years ago 🙂 you should be so proud of yourself, what an achievement!!

        Sending you love, kisses and thank you’s from Melbourne Mariane 😉

        Xx Danielle Xx

  7. funny how these dolls look like the ones on etsy from dolls and daydreams? some changes yes but i wouldnt say you did your own pattern.

    • Well “Copy Cat” thank you for police-ing the world of handmade and putting your 2 cents in.

      Fabric and rag dolls are an old form of handcrafting and its basic pattern is of a head, body arms and legs which is based on the shapes of human body. If you must know I actually have advised in the past that my previous “My Teeny-Tiny Doll” creations were modified on another Dolls and Daydreams softies pattern (the Owl taggy) and have credited the owner of those patterns (Sarah).

      Subsequently, Dolls and Daydreams later on made her own pattern of an 11″ size doll called Lil’ Sister and because I had a following for my 11″ size dolls I drafted and created my own pattern which oh lo’ and behold looks like a rag doll.

      I’m not sure if you know of copyright protection etiquette, but if Sarah of Dolls and Daydreams (who follows my Facebook page) has an issue with it, she would tell me as the copyright holder of “her” patterns.

      Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your feedback, but I think too many people jump on the band wagon of waving the finger for something they don’t fully know the story of.

      So if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me directly and am happy to answer your questions.

      My full name is Mariane Cresp and the creator of My Teeny-Tiny Dolls™ of Cook You Some Noodles™

  8. Dear Mariane,

    this is a really good response to wagging your finger at some emailers…..Congratulations! I actually call them air wasters and not to even answer, you are a lot nicer and upfront than me.

    Back to your work: I find them really beautiful. For many years, since I’ve had children in 1990, I’ve been making dolls and looking at different patterns and artworks. Either trying it myself or being very impressed with people like you. My silly billiness is that I hand sew lovely dolls with my design ( following the taste of Elinor Peace Bailey) but my life is just too hectic to commit.

    Good luck, Ill purchase your designs when I can budget
    Kind regards Anne

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