Josh’s New Tote Backpack

I have been so busy that I have neglected my blog for a while, so will try to get posts up more regularly. I also haven’t had the time to catch up with my favourite blogs, but the other day I managed to get a bit of time and saw a great project from one of my favourite bloggers Dana from MADE

She made a Transportation Tote for her little guy and I knew it would be something Josh would love too.

Photo courtesy of MADE
I showed it to Josh yesterday and of course he wanted me to make it for him. I love his reaction when I make him something new + he needed a new bag for our outings.
So last night (or in the very wee hours of the morning) I started to make the bag and couldn’t stop and had to finish it. Let’s just say I finished when it started to get light outside – hmm, we’ll see how my mood goes today, so far, so good.
Here is my take on it.
I sewed a black strip of felt for the road and used the following cliparts of the car and aeroplane.

Photo courtesy of Auto Clipart Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


Since Josh was asleep, I got one of his t-shirts and measured the shoulders and length for the dimensions of the bag.

For the boxed corners of the bottom of the bag, I measured one our lunch boxes to make sure it would sit flat at the bottom of the bag.

To make the tote nice and sturdy, I lined it with the same fabric which I got from IKEA and put 2 sets of pockets inside. One side has two pockets that fits a Crayon Art Wallet and the other pockets I’ve divided into 3 section so it can fit his toy cars and trains.


He was very happy when I gave it to him this morning – I think he said “Wow!” 

Then later he came up to me to say thank you and that I’m “such a good sewer” – aaw, love it! 

Here he is enjoying his new Crayon Art Wallet.


And he’s had it on his back ever since!

Have a great day everyone, as we are xxx  Mariane


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