My Teeny-Tiny Josh

Yesterday afternoon, I asked Josh whether he wanted me to make him a Teeny-Tiny Doll, after a few seconds thinking about it, his eyes lit up and nodded his head and with a big smile, he said “Yes!”

I asked him what kind of doll he wanted and he said “Hmmm, maybe fairy ones”, as he just had a photo taken with one for a mini ballot for my new creation Amber, My Teeny-Tiny Fairy Ballerina.



I asked him maybe he wanted a Teeny-Tiny version of him and asked what he would like it to be dressed in, hinting maybe some sort of costume. After tapping of the lips and eyes up thinking, he looked at what he was wearing and said “what about this?”

He had on the yellow t-shirt that I made for Zach for his 2nd birthday party.



Post of his birthday party can be found here

So off we went to take a picture of Josh for reference.



I asked him if he wanted me to paint shoes on the doll and he said no, he needs to have thongs like him as it is summer already 🙂 I also told Josh that I couldn’t do the Wiggles picture on the shorts so I said I could put a “J” on it instead and consulted which colour felt he wanted and he said green. And that only 1 googly eye can be put on it, and he was happy with that.

 So off I went to make a Teeny-Tiny version of my little guy.


After stuffing the doll, sewing it closed and painting the pictures and the monster on the t-shirt, I wasn’t too happy with the way it turned out as I thought the doll had a “Harry High-Pants” thing happening. I asked hubby what he thought and he thought it looked fine but as he said, because I asked him, he knew that I wasn’t too happy with it and he knew it was going to bug me.

So contemplating between unstitching or not, I just made another one and made the t-shirt look longer . And this is how he turned. P.S. I changed the colour of the “J” to white to go with the stitching of the shorts – I hope Josh doesn’t mind :/



And here they are side by side.



I’ll be a Teeny-Tiny hat for him when I make Josh’s new one for summer, so I have to wait to see what fabric Josh picks.

Now I just have to wait for Josh to come back from sports to see what he thinks. Fingers crossed, hope he likes it – children are the most honest critics.

Doll’s head and limbs made from modification of patterns by Dolls and Daydreams. Body pattern designed by me.


EDIT: Josh wanted his Teeny-Tiny version to hold a carrot so it could it eat for energy. So I made a Teeny-Tiny carrot and attached it with snap fasteners.



2 thoughts on “My Teeny-Tiny Josh

  1. Hi, I’m a new follower and really enjoy reading about your new creations. That boy doll is really cute and something that he will keep for many years. I’m all for handmade gifts! smile, Virginie ViviBijoux on facebook and Etsy

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