Woo hoo! I Won!

I’ve never won anything in a blog post giveaway before, and it’s the coolest thing eva!

I entered {KID} independent’s Who For You – Super Cool Art Giveaway and I was one of the winners.

I picked out this one  – no doubt that it was going to be the train one.

Photo courtesy of Who For You on Made It


{KID} independent has featured me twice in the past.

My Little Dress-Up Dolly here on one of their “Wednesday Whip Around”

Photo courtesy of {KID} independent

And my Baby Mary Jane Moccasins on their “You’re Marvelous, Mary Jane”

Photo from {KID} independent

Along the way, I googled “cookyousomenoodles” and found a couple of sites I’ve been featured in.

My Cowboy and Mild Mannered Baby Bibs

Giddy Up Bibs! from "Boys Germs"

My Counting Bean Bags in Handmade Kids’ Fabulous Friday Finds

Photo courtesy of Handmade Kids

So, so lovely to be featured in these wonderful sites – off to search for them on Facebook now. Good night all!


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