Sharing the Love

Ok, haven’t posted for a while, but I am still here.

Been so overwhelmed this week with all the *Likes* on my Cook You Some Noodles Facebook Page. I started off with 60-ish likes on Saturday and now have 171 – W.O.W!

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Big thanks to all my new likers, with a special mention to these 2 Facebook pages:

Evie and Henry - creations for little people - Facebook

The Little Gumnuts - Facebook


What wonderful women these two are. I am so loving the handmade community support. So, check them out as they have beautiful items on offer (click on their pictures above for their Facebook pages).

 Now to pay the favour forward, I recently bought 2 items on etsy. The first are these gorgeous wool blend felt from Benzie Bazaar. I bought them Monday last week and they arrived today – love great service and fast delivery!


They feel so lux and I cannot wait to use them – although I don’t really want to cut them up. I love the card and little note that came with it – Thank you Renae from Benzie Bazaar!


Then last night the lamp by my sewing machine blew and it was hard to work without the direct lighting so I surfed etsy and found this great shop that is part of the Sydney etsy team – Kookla Creations. I bought this knitting pattern that was just way too adorable to pass up.


 Last night I finished 1 wrapped up baby while watching telly. I call her my little peanut. My little boys aren’t so peanut-y anymore, they are just growing up way too quickly. I blink and they are becoming more and more like young little men, very loving and affectionate little men. I just love the impromptu hugs and cuddles they give me.

So, here is my cute little knitted baby, all wrapped up in her pink swaddle with a white bear button.

 She’s just soo tiny.

Ok, well off to go get new light bulbs. Hope to see you at my Facebook page 😉


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Love

  1. Hi there darl not sure if I’ve subscribed properly to your blog from my phone 🙂 I think I’ve done it right! Beautiful work by the way 🙂

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