Welcome Our New Addition To The Family …

… the Dolly Family, that is 🙂

 Introducing, My Little Baby Dolly!


She is absolutely sweet and sooo cuddly. She is all wrapped up in her own swaddling blanket. She is based on a pattern by Dolls and Daydreams. I used the body of the Dress-up doll pattern and the head, arms and legs I drafted myself.

I’ve wanted to make a newborn baby doll for a while now but I was inspired to make one by Sarah from Dolls and Daydream’s Baby Doll Diaper Dress-up Softie

Photo courtesy of Dolls and Daydreams


I made the arms and legs short and stumpy to make it look more a baby.


Her face and cute little tuft of hair are hand embroidered (so no small removable parts).

Here’s Josh copying the dolly – cheeky!


I made her a little knit jersey hat and white terry towling nappy (with velcro closure).


Both hat and nappy are removable and I gave her a cute little belly button …


 … and a cute little bottom.


She is a prototype, but I will have My Little Baby Dolly available soon in my shops. The doll itself will be gender neutral but have different coloured hat, blanket and hair. It makes a great pressie for siblings-to-be to practice having a new baby around the house. I remember we used a teddy bear with Josh before Zach arrived. Josh was great cuddling “baby” and giving him the bottle.


Now I haven’t blogged for a long while – been really busy last month, which is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been featured in a lot of Made It blogs and newsletter which has brought in lots of customer traffic and resulting in some sales and my etsy store sales has picked up aswell. over 100 sales now, was busy didn’t even get to celebrate it. But it has been fantastic.

Big thanks to all that have graced the pages of my blog and stores. Much appreciated everyone xxx


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