My Week in Pictures

Wow, talk about busy! I made a lot of things this past week – both customer orders plus new items to sell. So here’s a rundown of them.

I still haven’t had my hair cut yet and my fringe is getting too long, so I have been wearing headbands (see previous post), crochet and knitted headwarmers and beanies for when out and about. But sometimes all I need is a hair clip to hold my fringe back.

So of course when I go looking for them, they are everywhere. In the bathroom drawers, my side table drawer, in my sewing area and I think I even found one in the boys’ toy box. So it got me thinking, make hairclips holders. This idea is not new, but it’s my own take of it.

Pretty Girl Hairclip Holders – click on the pictures to take you to the shop.


Next, with the temperature getting even lower, it’s prompted me to make a heat pack in the style of a babushka doll – she’s available either in my Top2Toe etsy shop or in Made It.


Then I finished a big order for a Melbourne store – 5 x Kids Art Totes


And 4 x Lunch Box Bags

Then yesterday, I made a new toy which will be available for purchase soon.

A fabric ring stacker.


So far, the month of May may be my busiest month of all time. Nearly reached my 100th sale on etsy, so that’s fantastic. Been featured in lots of etsy treasuries and Made It newsletters and Monday New Finds, so have been very thankful to everyone that’s participated.

So for now, nanna nap time is much-needed. See you soon on the other side of this post.


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