Hooray for Headbands

Okay, so I never did make it out of the house today to get that badly needed haircut I said I wanted to get in the last post. Bit sick and was too much of a sooki-la-lah to venture out in the cold.

So for the moment I made myself a headband to keep my long fringe out of my eyes. I used Heather Bailey’s free Hooray for Headbands™ pattern. She has them in 3 different sizes: baby, child and adult.

I had a fat quarter’s worth of a red bandana print cotton fabric which I’ve wanted to use for this project specifically and finally made one for myself.


It has ties at the back, but that’s not what keeps it on your head. There is an elasticised joint at the back covered by the ties – brilliant, hey?


Anyhow, I don’t feel good at the moment to get a haircut. I like getting a haircut when my skin is good, I feel great, that way, the new hairstyle tops off that good feeling. So maybe next week, when the red nose and watery eyes are gone.


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