Jasmine II

One of my lovely regular customers saw the  My Little Dolly, Jasmine and wanted a custom made one for her niece whose name is also Jasmine, in a lighter brown skin tone.

As I love making custom made dolls, I was eager to make one for her niece. So I got a 100% cotton fabric I bought from Lincraft specifically for olive skin tones.

I was given a picture and Jasmine had gorgeous brown long curly hair and beautiful eyes.

Introducing Jasmine II (pattern based on a Dolls and Daydreams’ Dress-up Doll pattern)


I made her facial features as close to the one in the given picture.

I made her a little cardigan with snap fasteners and embellished it with a cute little bear button, as I know how much little girls love to dress up dollies (ooh man, if only I knew how to sew when I was a little girl – the fun! I know I made my own paper dolls and clothes way back when).


When she gets hot, she can take her cardigan off and she can just have her white little singlet and skirt on.


So I hope little girl Jasmine enjoys her dress up doll from her wonderful Aunt.


Here she is with her school friend, the other Jasmine for a last playdate before she goes to her new home.



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