Bias Tape Organisation

Here’s another great tip from Smashed Peas and Carrots on how to organise the paraphernalia of your sewing/craft area, posted here.

Photo courtesy of Smashed Peas and Carrots


She uses paddle pop sticks to organise her ric-racs. So I thought I’d do the same with my bias tapes.

I bought these paddle pop sticks a while ago to use for Josh’s arts and crafts, but so far we have used only the thinner ones (these are more the size of tongue depressors). These are from those dollar/reject stores, so quite cheap.


So I wrapped my bias tapes around them and this is how they now look like.




They look so colourful and delicious enough to eat – better keep them away from Josh or else he’d want to have some real paddle pops. They now live in a clear plastic container, nice and neat and easier for me to know what I am running out of.


So another bit of my sewing area organised. Speaking of bias tapes, I made my own yesterday using a bias tape maker (I bought mine from Nicole Mallalieu Design)


I am using these to put on as ties for baby bibs. Here’s a quick peak of one of the projects I have going at the moment.


Wonder Woman baby bibs. Will post more details when finished.


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