Cold Feet

I don’t normally wear socks or slippers around the house as my feet get too hot too quickly and just makes me uncomfortable. However, since I do a lot of my online store product listings and blog updates late at night, my feet are starting to get colder with the temperature going down.

So I crochet myself Mary Jane slippers using Drops Design pattern from here

Photo courtesy of Drops Design


Great thing being able to make your own slippers is that you can customise it to fit your very little feet like a glove … or in this case, like a sock.

So here’s my version of it made from Paton’s cotton blend yarn.




They are very comfy and now my feet are oh so stylish at home.


On another feet related topic, are these Hunter boots (wellies)


I’ve been seeing them a lot on celebrities and they have made these chunky looking rubber boots into high fashion. Of course, as I said having such small feet I had no hope of finding any in my size or price range.

Fashion Assist’s blog “Can I wear Hunter boots or wellies?” has a great blog about them with lots of info and pictures.

 So I have resorted to looking in children’s shoe section to see if I can find something similar. But alas, the size may be right but the design or colour choices may be a little on the cutesy or “Disney” side.

BUT! I found these ones at my local grocery store for a wee fraction of the cost.

And they fit, they fit! Call me Cinderella baby!

I bought them on Sunday for the purpose of wearing them to Josh’s sports days when the sports ground may be wet or muddy. As well as for walking around in the city when it’s raining or when the ground’s wet.

I was hoping to wear them yesterday when the boys and I headed off to the post office but it was sunny and dry.

So can you imagine how pleased I was when I heard it raining outside this morning? Heh, heh, I think the first time I’ve ever liked that it’s raining. So later this morning, boys and I are going to go to the city and my feet won’t be wet or cold.

Here’s the original Hunter boots and my version, side by side.


Not bad, ey?


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