Tracky Dacks

Tomorrow is Josh’s first day at a multi-sports meet. It will be on for the next 8 Saturdays and each week they will play 2 different types of sports and whatever skill they use in those sports will help them for the next week’s activity.

We bought him a new pair of sneakers yesterday and it was the first thing he wanted to put on when he woke up this morning – oh, bless him!

He will get a bag, t-shirt and a cap tomorrow, so they will just need to be attired in the right shoes and shorts or tracksuit pants.

He doesn’t really have any tracky dacks that are the right size, they look more like capri pants 🙂 as he has outgrown most of them.

So I thought I’d make him a pair just to tie him over until we figure out what colour the uniform will be.

So I got some jersey knit fabric in duck egg blue and used MADE’s Kids’ pants with a flat front. Here is the gorgeous model Josh show casing his new tracksuit pants and sports shoes.



When I started clicking the camera, Josh just kept doing different poses – what a pro!


Now to have the stripe of cotton tape sewn on the side, I constructed it a little differently from the tutorial.

First I sewed a front and a back piece together on the side seam.


Repeat for the other pair. Then sewn down twill cotton tape on the side. I just used one strip, but later may do 2 strips on another pair.


Again, repeat for the second piece. Then sew the inside seam right sides of fabric together.


Once both legs are sewn on the inside seam, turn one of them inside out – so you should have 1 leg wrong side out and the other right side out.


Next insert the right side out leg into the wrong side leg so that right sides of the fabric are facing each other.


Pin around the crotch seam matching up the sides and middle seam.


Sew and then follow the rest of MADE’s tutorial.

Okay, gonna make more. So happy Josh is proud to show off his mum’s creations.

His dad just got home and asked him whether it was bought from the shops and he proudly said “No Dad! Mum make it for me” 🙂


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