Anime Faces and the Easter Long Weekend Projects

Trying to figure out a style of face to put on my dolls. The aim is to get my dolls all looking a particular way to distinguish it from all the other fabric dolls out on the market. Hubby says why have just one style, they can all be different depending on my mood.

Guess he may have a point there. But I’ll see how I go. In the meantime, I tried out a new way of painting on the faces, anime (animation originating from Japan). The style is in chibi which means “small person” or “small child” in Japanese.

I checked out a few different tutorials to get a basic hang of it and sketched out  few tries.



So here’s my first attempt on actual fabric. I re-did the hair and face of the My Little Bedtime Dollybefore …


… and here she is with new dark brown hair and new face – she’s available for purchase in my etsy store.


I enjoy painting  faces on the dolls versus embroidering on the features and you really don’t get to feel the dolls’ personalities until the face comes on. Excited to try it again, I made another doll yesterday … Jasmine, a big wide eyed beautiful African-American doll.


I am loving making cute little outfits for these dolls (a variation on a pattern by Dolls and Daydreams)

Jasmine is now available to purchase in my etsy store.


As for my Easter break, it was fantastic having Hubby home for 5 days. We just hung out at home most of the weekend as the weather wasn’t too nice. Apart from Friday, the rest of the weekend it rained.

As for Easter Sunday, I wanted the boys to have a little Easter egg hunt around the flat, so I made little clue cards for Josh to find and follow. Zach was sorted after he found his first egg – he wasn’t interested in the clues afterwards 🙂


For this last clue, my Mum had Easter bunnies to give the boys, so I made her giving it to them as the last part of the hunt.

They live VERY close and we go over there lots of times, so I explained to Josh what the last clue was saying. I asked him which door do they always go over to … he said “Mum and Dad’s”. Ah, this cracked me up. Yes, I said, but who else’s? So I said it was Lolo and Lola’s (grandpa and grandma in Filipino language) – they are the 2 little stick figures in the picture.

So off we went to their door and they received their Easter bunny chocolates.

Josh had a ball with the hunt and Zach too, but was easily distracted by the toys at Lola and Lolo’s place.

Afterwards, there was a bit of waa-waaing from Josh when we took away the Easter bunny chocolate from him after he had eaten off the ears.


It was such a good, productive weekend. Hubby did a lot of the laundry, we cleared out a few things and I got a lot of sewing done. Here’s all the other things I made over the weekend.

My Little Dolly Margharette


Tab Clutch available in my Top2Toe etsy shop.


A collection of 3 Button Baby Boots available in CookYouSomeNoodles etsy store


Baby Loafers


Women’s Indoor Mary Jane Slippers


Pajama shorts for Little Peter Rabbit


And finally 2 new My Little Bedtime Buddies


Busy much? Well, another weekend nearly here and I think it’s time for a bit of a rest.


3 thoughts on “Anime Faces and the Easter Long Weekend Projects

  1. Busy busy!! Sounds like you and your 3 beautiful boys had a lovely Easter. It’s always so nice to read about your little adventures, thank you for sharing xx

    LOVE the baby boots!!

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