Chloe, My Little Parisian Dolly

I still had some left over denim from the jeans Hubby gave to me to repurpose.

Here they were before.


And here’s what I’ve turned them into so far:

Size 3 toddler jeans …


… and tiny jeans for My Little Peter Rabbit.


So I had the bottom of one leg still unused, so I thought I’d make them as the legs of a My Little Dolly, and the idea for the doll spawned from there.

With a piece of red thick felt given to me that I had wanted to use on a doll for a while, I decided to make a Parisian outfitted doll.


I’ve named her Chloe. I don’t normally name my dolls but after painting her face on, she looked like a Chloe to me.

I’m still experimenting on how I want my dolls’ faces to look like, but I’ve been drawn back to painting it. I think it gives them more character.


She is now available in my etsy store – check here out here.


Patterns designed by Dolls and Daydreams – Doll and Shoes


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