Peter, this is Peter!

Kind, loving Josh wanted me to make Zach a My Little Rabbit aswell. Okay, this was because Zach had grabbed his rabbit and wasn’t too willing to share.

So Josh picked out what colour he wanted the second rabbit to be (rather, I gave him 3 options based on the fabrics I had on hand: yellow, blue or orange). I was told it couldn’t be orange or else it’d be the same colour as the carrot – hmm, clever!

So he picked blue! The pattern is by Dolls and Daydreams available from her etsy store here. I amended the shape of the head a little bit so it looked more rabbit-y like.

Now the name. Josh insisted it to be Peter as well, so here is Peter II.

I also made a little carrot for him and gave him a little green scarf.


Now last night when Josh tucked his little Peter rabbit in bed, he asked if I could make pants for him as he thought he might be cold. So, as I am in a creating mood at the moment and loving making things for the boys, I succumbed to his wishes.

I used the left over denim from Hubby’s old jeans I repurposed to a toddler jeans (posted here) and made a pair of tiny little jeans for Peter too.


I also added snap fasteners to the rabbits’ paws and carrots so they can hold it.



So the Peters are having a good ole time and so are we.

Happy Easter to everyone! 



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