Repurposed Daddy Jeans to Little Son Jeans

Tonight, Hubby gave me a pair of his jeans that he said I could cut up and make whatever as it had shrunk and it doesn’t fit him anymore.

So I thought to make a new pair of jeans from it for the boys. I used Dana from MADE’s Kid’s pant with a Flat Front pattern.

I amended the pattern just a  little bit by making the legs a bit straighter as the legs bell out just a tiny bit at the bottom of the pattern.

Now hubby had already gone to sleep when I started cutting up into his jeans, so I do hope that he did give me his jeans to do whatever I pleased.

Last time I thought he had given me a pair of his pants to re-purpose, just before I cut into it, he looked at it and said that they were pants he wanted me to re-sew a button on – oops! Lucky he was there to see it before it got chopped to bits. Oh well, too late now for these jeans.

So here are the pair of jeans before.

Perfect condition just doesn’t fit Hubby anymore.

And here is the after Mini-me version.


I used orange thread to give it that authentic jeans finish, but will have to by a thicker thread so it can be seen a bit better (on it goes on the shopping list). I also added a faux fly stitching at the front to give it a bit of detail.


So another pair of pants for the boys’ closet. Hubby has also given me a few of his work shirts that he doesn’t wear anymore and the plan is to make pajama pants for the boys as they need more sleep wear as  the ones they have are just too small now. Will update you on the finish products for those.


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