My Little Rabbit, Peter

Josh wanted me to make him a rabbit – not because it’s Easter, but because of Peter, who has a fly upon his nose.

So I bought Dolls and Daydream’s Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Toy Softie pattern

Photo courtesy of Dolls and Daydreams


Of course, Josh wanted him to be green, so I made him out of cotton drill fabric in the colour pesto.


When Josh saw him this morning, he started singing Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose and used the bunny’s little arms to swat a pretend fly off his nose – cute!

Josh also wanted me to take photos of him with Peter. So here are a few shots of them.

“See, that’s where the fly was, on his nose!” Such a little trooper even with a cold – poor little red nose.


Here Josh is helping Peter hop about.


“Hey, Pete! Remember that time you had a fly on your nose?”


When I was editing these photos, there was something about the face that I wasn’t sure about – it didn’t look too bunny like. So I played around with some sketches and amended Peter’s face.


On his back is a cute little felt tail – would look cute with a pompom cottontail, but I know that’ll be the first thing that will get pulled off.


Such a busy day for my little Josh, time for a nap with Peter.




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