My Little Dolly PJs

I am starting to make additional clothes for the My Little Dolly series, in the hopes that those that buy the My Little Dolly will purchase additional clothes later on as their little one’s play get more creative and complex.

My aim is to make the dolls themselves very basic so that love ones can buy it for children under 3 and have it child friendly. And as the children grow,  they can add new outfits to the dolly’s wardrobe.

The most popular dolls sold last year were the My Little Bedtime Dolly and My Little Bedtime Buddy.


So the first outfit is the My Little Dolly PJs



This  pink and white pinstripe top  has a white Peter Pan collar with matching pants. This outfit gave me the opportunity to use one of the many stitches on the new sewing machine Hubby bought for my birthday early in the year – the scallop stitch. The top and bottom have the scalloped edge finish and it has a matching pink slippers.


The top and pants are cleanly finished with all edges overlocked so therefore can be thrown in the wash without fraying.

So more outfits to come. Patterns designed by Dolls and Daydreams: Doll:, Clothes: and and Slippers:


If you are interested in the My Little Bedtime Dolly, I can customise one for you. Send me an e-mail on OR pop by my etsy store for already made, READY to ship My Little Dollies.


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