Boy’s Winter Hat

The weather is getting cooler so I thought I’d make a winter hat for Josh.

The train driver’s hat I blogged about here fitted him really well.


One of the fabrics that was given to me by a friend was this woolen tartan fabric which was perfect for this project.


The hat pattern is from Aesthetic Nest, and the intent was to make it for Josh for the colder months, but he wasn’t in the mood to try it on after I finished. So I cheekily popped it on Zach’s head while he was playing thinking that he’d snatch it off straight away.

To my surprise he kept on playing with it on his head. Hooray, a new model for when the older one is having a bit of a sooki-la-lah moment.

When you capture moments like these it’s when you stop and realise how quickly they’ve grown – such little men.



Zach’s even starting to model with props now 🙂


And here’s an action shot … slurp.


Too cute. And of course, right after I took these photos was when Josh wanted to try on the hat *shake of the head*. Kids, only want something when someone else is playing with it.


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