My NEW Shop – “top2toe”

It was such a hard decision whether I should open up another shop to separate my creations – Women’s Accessories and Babies and Children’s Wear and Toys.

I read different discussions on the pros and cons of having everything in one shop or separating the two.

Having everything in one shop means it’s easier to manage and your customers can find everything you make in one stop. I guess it’s like shopping at Myers or David Jones (Australian department stores) – you find everything there from CDs to sofa lounges, why not in one etsy shop?

Having your two types of offerings in separate shops means you can streamline your products and not have a confusing store and the aesthetic of the shop looks cleaner and have a better marketing punch.

Now my creations vary so much not only in my offerings but also crafting techniques, I started finding my etsy shop looking very muddled.

So today, I made an executive decision to open up a new etsy store and called it top2toe by CookYouSomeNoodles


So from now on, all my new items in Women’s Accessories will be listed here. All women’s items that are in CookYouSomeNoodles etsy store will remain there for the moment or until sold.

So for my first listing in top2toe is my Wristlet Wallet in Navy and White Stripes


So an exciting and daunting time to see if I’ll be able to manage 2 stores – wish me luck!



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