Keyka Lou’s Basic Wallet Pattern

I wanted a new wallet because today I am in the “small” wallet mood, i.e. sometimes I want to put “everything” I need in a big wallet, and sometimes I just want to take the necessities like card, coins, phone and keys.

So I bought Keyka Lou’s Basic Wallet pattern.

Photo courtesy of Keyka Lou


I used the navy and white stripe cotton fabric that I used for Little Cap in size 3-5T, Josh’s train hat and Pleated Zip Clutch and


I also want to make another Skirt Bag (I blogged about it here) in this same fabric (but need to get more) so in the meantime I made the wallet first to go with it.

(The red and white stripes I gave as a birthday present and the beige chino one I have been using. But hey, I want a new one.)

I coordinated it with a solid yellow gold cotton homespun lining.


I used my label on the side as a tab to add a D-ring to it.


Then I made a wrist strap with a swivel clip using Little Big Girl Studio’s tutorial. That way, when I’m out and about and need to use both hands, I can just hang it off my arm. I used the yellow gold fabric to contrast the wallet which ties it all in together.


This wallet has 2 compartments with the front compartment able to hold your coins without falling out as it is sewn down on the sides , with a velcro closure.



It’s a fabulous little size that can hold so many cards, my phone and money without being bulky. I can even attach my keys to it – perfect!


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