Superhero Cape

Back in October last year, I made Josh a superhero mask and appliqued The Incredibles emblem on a red t-shirt.


In the last week, he’s really into being a superhero. He saw one of his dad’s polo shirt and wanted to wear it as a cape. He ties the short sleeves around his neck and has slept with it on a couple of nights.

So I thought I better make him an official superhero cape. There are a lot of great free superhero cape patterns out there, but I wanted one that was quick and easy to make.

I searched Google via images and this pic caught my eye. It’s a Super easy Superhero Cape Tutorial from Diary of a Quilter

Photo courtesy of Diary of a Quilter


What attracted me to it was that it was made from fleece (hence no hemming or overlocking needed) and it looked easy and quick to make.

So I got my fleece stash out and started measuring and cutting the dimensions. Of course I picked the green fleece (Josh’s favourite colour) and also added a superhero emblem at the back.

Now I started this around 10pm and pretty much finished it in a couple of hours.



I used iron on adhesive webbing not only to help the emblem stick on flat and not pucker, but also to stabilise the fleece as it can stretch when sewn.



JD of course stands for JOSHUA DANGER “Danger is my middle name”. He comes already with his own superhero name. Can’t wait for him to see it tomorrow morning.


In the meanwhile, I checked up on the boys a few hours back and when I looked in, this was Josh’s bed – No Josh …



He was in his brother’s bed.


 What happens is, Josh pretty much goes to sleep after story and sing-song time. However, Zach gets into a bit of mischief in the dark.

He likes to make a little fort for himself and what he’s done is gathered his brother’s pillows and doona and builds himself a big mound to sleep in.

So poor Josh has no pillows or doona and I’m sure he got a bit cold and went over to his brother bed for warmth 😀


Aah, my beautiful boys, even when they’re asleep, they make me laugh! Love them to bits!


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