Dolls and Daydreams

I first came across Dolls and Daydreams when I participated in making dolls for Dolly Donations (an organisation whose mission it is to help provide dolls to children who might not otherwise have them, due to poverty or other crisis). Both blogs are by a wonderful woman named Sarah.

She’s a mum of a beautiful girl and has the mission to help those less fortunate than her, especially orphaned children. She does this by providing comfort and love by giving one dolly at a time.

 I made and donated 2 dolls which I wrote about here which Sarah then featured in Dolly Donations.

Do go over and check out the Dolly Donations site and if you are able, make a little dolly or two to go to wonderful children who’ll love them very much. She’s got a lovely free doll pattern with lots of tutorials and tips to help you. Click on the link here or the button on my side bar.


Her personal blog Dolls and Daydreams is a place where she shares her craftiness, new dolls and lots of tips and tutorials. I’ve admired her lovely work for a while and gave in to temptation on Wednesday and bought the following patterns from her etsy shop. She’s lovely enough to allow those that buy her patterns to be able to sell their creations (she her shop policies for more details). First a dress-up doll:

Dress Up Doll and Doll Clothes PDF Sewing Pattern


With clothes and shoes patterns:

Retro Doll Dress, Dress Up Doll and Stuffed Toy Clothes PDF Sewing Pattern


Waistcoat and Shorts, Dress Up Boy and Girl Doll and Stuffed Toy Clothes PDF Sewing Pattern


Doll and Stuffed Toy Shoes PDF Sewing Pattern


Here’s what I’ve made and they are available now in my etsy store.

My Little Dress-up Dollies


With detachable clothes and shoes .

My Little Dress-up Dolly - Brown Hair and Orange Floral Print Dress


Another pattern I had been eyeing for a while is her Eco-friendly Doll House pattern.

Eco Friendly PDF Dollhouse Pattern, Recycle Cardboard Boxes


 Josh saw it on my computer screen when I was browsing the Dolls and Daydreams etsy store and wanted me to get it for him. In his play, he loves creating stories for his trains, cars and  little people. He has them playing at train stations, shops and other buildings. I thought this is the perfect toy house as I can use old boxes and can make a lot of buildings and houses for his creative play.

I bought it on Wednesday but I didn’t get the cardboard boxes until today. My lovely Dad got a couple of big boxes for me – thanks heaps Dy!


So for the last couple of days, poor Josh has kept asking me if I can make him his house.

Tonight he saw my Dad bring the boxes over and was so eager to have it made, he just wanted to sit next to me and watch me finish it.


I told him unfortunately it won’t be finished until tomorrow. He did have a special request for me to make stairs for it, so I have to make that too for him.

Here it is all cut up and assembled.


The house is quite strong and slots together and doesn’t need any tape or glue. However, I did tape the roof and bottom up only because I do have a very curious 2.5 y.o. who’s at the moment a bit rough with toys, so as a safe measure, extra re-enforcement has been added. 

The pattern does come with print outs (outline or coloured) for the trees and the side of the house. However I painted the tree and roof.


I’ll wait for Josh to wake up and decide how we’ll decorate it. In the meantime, the new tenants are checking out their new house.


 Finally, I couldn’t resist. I also bought the Fox Stuffed Toy pattern tonight. They are just so adorable. Can’t wait to make him.

Fox Stuffed Toy Softie PDF Sewing Pattern


So thanks to the talented and creative Sarah from Dolls and Daydreams, I am going to be kept busy for a while. Just very excited to see Josh and Zach’s reaction.

I just love that I can make my own toys for my boys 🙂


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