The Week So Far …

Okay, been a bit busy to blog as I’m finishing up some orders but it’s taking a little bit longer than usual as Josh is toilet training at the moment, so concentrating on that.

I was a little bit worried as he was already 3 and had no interest in potty training. Yes, all children are different, but that bit of apprehension does creep in.

But with Josh’s developmental milestone, it’s a little bit behind than the “average” however once he does it, he gets it very quickly. This was the case with him walking and talking, so really I had nothing to worry about. I’m so proud of him, he’s so excited about it and doesn’t even need a reward or treat everytime – woo,hoo!

Remember the children’s undies pattern I bought from, well here’s some pics of the ones I’ve made for Josh.

Now I had some knit singlets a friend gave me to repurpose and they were just the perfect fabric for the undies.

Here are some I haven’t cut into yet …


I had them in green and blue as well – here’s the blue ones cut up into bits …


And here’s the finished product – my new overlocker has come into good use for this project.


And here’s Josh modelling them for me – future Calvin Klein undies model me thinks 🙂


He’s just too cute …


Another thing I’ve picked up again is crocheting. I got some great cotton blend yarns and discovered this new store on etsy – Whisper Twister. Her patterns are just so chic. here are the 4 patterns I’ve bought … so far.

Photo courtesy of Whisper Twister


So I’ve made the cowl neck warmer and it is now available in my etsy store

Crochet Lace Cowl Neck Warmer - Coral


I’ve also made the gloves – well half of the pairs.



Looking forward to crocheting the infinity scarf. 


2 thoughts on “The Week So Far …

  1. Josh is so gorgeous indeed!! Nice work with the undies – is there anything you can’t do?

    And I LOVE your new crochet range – if only it was cool enough to wear them up here… I miss the cold already! xx

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