Back from Our Road Trip

Well it was very lovely road trip down to Victoria for our very first family holiday.

We drove down to Victoria and just took it easy. We stopped at most of the iconic touristy stops along the way – The Big Merino in Goulburn, NSW …


… okay, here’s a better pic of it from the front 😉


Dog on the Tuckerbox in Gundagai, NSW.


  Most of the other things we did were driven by the boys’ needs and wants and it was just so great to see how much they enjoyed it.

They were lovely in the car and Josh learnt to bug us with the “Are we there yet?” chant only on the way back home so it was bearable 🙂

Main reason for the drive down to Melbourne was to see Grandma Roma and we spent quite a bit of time with her and Josh enjoyed telling her our day’s activities. Zach on the other hand just enjoyed opening and closing doors, cupboards and touching anything and everything he wasn’t allowed to.

Hubby drove for the whole duration of the trip and he was such a gem.


So we got back earlier in the week and I got crafting on some of my orders pending.

One of my customers returned to order another doll (her first was for her little 1 year old girl), this time it’s for her little boy who’s turning 3 next week.

Her request was for a little superhero doll. Here he is finished and he is also available for custom orders in my etsy shop

My Little Buddy - Superhero


Oh and also a great milestone reached is Joshy finally wanting to “go to potty” (without force :D).  Hubby and I have been letting Josh drive the potty training thing. There have been a few times in between where he was open to it but then would be against it the next. So we decided not to force him and it was lovely when he came up to me on Sunday night and said  “Mum, I want to go make lots of wee-wee and pooh-pooh in the potty so I can get lots of toys”.

I tried to bribe him with lollies and toys in the past with no success. He’s got a little catalogue of all the Thomas the Tank Engine toys, so I think looking at all the goodies he can get, it clicked that it may not be a bad thing going to the potty.

Today he is in big boy undies and I used store bought ones my Mum bought for him, but they are a little bit big for him. So last night I bought this children’s undies pattern from and successfully made my first one this afternoon.

Photo courtesy of


So I will be spending the next couple of hours making him some more – pics to come. So, good night and it’s great to be back.


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