My Little Dolly 2.0

With all this creative inspirations floating in my head, I have created the NEW My Little Dolly 2.0

The changes include NEW face, dresses, legs, shoes and accessories. 

Last year, it was my most popular product and so I wanted a new way to improve her as well.

As a mum, I know that when you buy new toys and they have accessories that come off, it’s normally the first thing that does comes off and either gets lost or stuck in the bottom of the toy box you never know what to do with when cleaning up.

So for My Little Dolly 2.0 I made the shoes painted on with acrylic paint rather than out of felt. That meant I had to change the shape of their legs to accommodate the painted shoes. I also added a bend to their knees so they can be sat down.

Also, their faces are turned slighty to the left or right as I decided I am not very good with making the facial features symmetrical and I get annoyed with myself if it’s not right. So to combat that, I made the face slighty off centre.

So introducing my first 2 new My Little Dolly 2.0, Dolly 1 and Dolly 2 – I’m not naming the dolls as I think it should be the little child that gets to name her.



They are available NOW  in my etsy store.


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