New Toy Patterns

As well as the Super Baby & Little Man Bibs, I also bought the following toy patterns.

The first is a Groceries – Felt Food from

Photo courtesy of


Now the finished product from this pattern is for personal use only – I don’t think I’d want to make all this more than once as it can be time-consuming. However, I couldn’t go pass the opportunity to make it for the boys. Hubby and I are introducing household chores as part of play, so then that way hopefully as they grow up they’ll know it’s part of day-to-day activities, as well as be well equipped when they move out (even though that is sooo far away yet, never too early to teach them).

So far, I’ve made the grocery bag and the fish (photo yet to be taken). Of course I made the reusable bag green.


And because it is green, Josh loves it! He used it to move all his train toys from one side of the room to the other and called it his “library bag”


The second pattern is for these cute little Barnyard Ball – Toy (also from

Photo courtesy of


Now these ARE adorable. So far, I’ve made the little piggy and have it available in my etsy store. Of course, I have to make them for the boys too as Josh wanted to play with this one even before I had eyes on her.



Well, I’ve just been back from the fabric store and got myself all the things I need to make the next collection for my store.

So have a good night all and see you again soon.


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