It’s Here, It’s Here

Yay, I got my new sewing machine and overlocker today. Hubby bought it for me New Year’s Eve day and because we just caught the train over to Spotlight Bondi Junction we couldn’t carry it back home with the boys with us. So I had it posted.

The sewing machine is a Brother BC-2500


It has soo many more stitches than my old one.


And all the adjustment settings are computerised – ooh, aah!


I tried out plain straight stitching and feels good. Was going to get my hair cut today but was too excited to open my new toys I didn’t go. Actually having drinks with some friends for my birthday tonight and jokingly said to Hubby that I’ll stay home to play with my new machines ;P 


The overlocker I got is an Elna 344


I’ll get to this one when I have a longer spare moment (hmm, never then, hey?)


So hopefully, you get to see some fancy stitching on my future creations. Yay! Happy dance.


2 thoughts on “It’s Here, It’s Here

  1. I’m really envious! My husband bought one online for me too for our anniversary that’s on next saturday and I simply can’t stand the waiting!!! You’re so lucky it’s already in your hands! Good luck with it!!

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