New Bag Tested

I tested another bag from before Christmas. This style is a little bit funkier and hip (geez making me sound old there). What I mean is I can see the teens go for this one in the right fabric. I just love the little handle.

The fabric a friend gave me which I think is over 10 years old, but it’s fantastic. It looks like it has paint stripes on it – one side are thin stripes then it gradually gets thicker. For this bag I used the thinner stripe print.


Here it is sans the fabric rose – I will make it into a brooch that way you can pin the rose to other things.


I’ll be testing another clutch bag soon, so stay tuned. Here are some of the other patterns I bought.

Three pouches pattern

Photo courtesy of

I’ve made a few things from this pattern but yet to take pictures of them.


Pleated Zipper Pouches(3 Patterns)

Photo courtesy of


I have made the small and medium size ones – you can find some in my etsy store now.

I added a swivel clip to this one – thinking behind it is so that it can be clipped around the handle bars of the stroller.


Other patterns I’ve yet to make are:

Big Round Bag

Photo courtesy of


and the Retro Bag

Photo courtesy of


So lots of new things for the start of 2011 to make, but really I do get so distracted from the things I should be making first. But hey, variety …


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