Zach’s 2nd Birthday

So my youngest’s birthday was just after Christmas and here are some of the things I made for the party.

At first there really wasn’t going to be any theme to the party , but as my little projects progressed, the ideas started flowing.

First I made little triangle buntings and a Happy Birthday Zach banner from felt.


The colours of the felt reminded me of the colours of the monsters in Monster Inc the movie. Now Zach lurves that movie so I thought I’d go down that path regarding the theme.

So for party favours, I made each child their own monster keyring made from felt. I got the tutorial from who had this great free download pattern of a monster plushie.

Photo courtesy of


I made each monster 4″ tall and added swivel clips to each.


They looked adorable hanging there with different facial expressions. The green one of course was Josh’s and I added a No. 2 to Zach’s red one.

Continuing on the monster plushie pattern, I also made a bigger yellow one waving a little flag with a “2” on it to add to the Happy Birthday banner.


I didn’t stop there. I also made a felt monster and sewed it to a plain yellow t-shirt I had bought a while back just for these projects.


Here’s Zach wearing it for the party.


I borrowed Cookie Monster from our toy library downstairs to use as a prop – the boys loved him, so much so Zach started feeding him grapes.


Here’s Josh sitting Cookie down.


Even I got in on the act with Cookie.


And finally the birthday cake. At first I was just going to buy a ready made cake sans icing and decorate it myself, then I thought I’d just buy mini cupcakes and decorate each as a monster – here’s the result.


Top left hand purple cupcake was decorated by Hubby – Grrrr!!!


Wishing you a very Happy 2nd Birthday Zach – from your fam!


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