Heidi and Finn

I discovered a new etsy store that has wonderful modern patterns for kids wear, Heidi and Finn. It was very difficult not to get all the patterns (lucky I have boys or else I would have purchased the whole store full of girly patterns).

However, I couldn’t resist the Hampton Hat pattern. I’ve wanted to make a fedora style hat for the boys (mainly Josh as Zach hates hats and just rips them off) when I saw my nephew Nic wear one in a white and navy check. And this pattern was the closest to a fedora style.


Isn’t he adorable – I absolutely think he and Zach have a very good likeness. I did get Zach to try the hat I made below and he looked very much like Nic. When he’s in a better mood and doesn’t rip it off his head, I’ll get a pic of Zach wearing it.


Photo courtesy of Heidi and Finn


So I bought the pattern (as well as the license to make and sell the hats). I was super excited to make them that I have made 3 and the last one just finishing up the floral embellishment on it.


The first one I made was as the pattern instructed. I tried it on Josh and I wanted to tweak the pattern a bit so it didn’t look too “bucket hat” fit. So I made a second one with the top more oval in shape. Once Josh is in a better mood to model the hat, I’ll get a shot of it, but in the meantime here it is on a hat stand (available now in my etsy store)

The next one I made in size 12m-2T in pink corduroy with pink fabric rose on the side.


I went back later that day and purchased the Urban Unisex Hoodie Pattern

Photo courtesy of Heidi and Finn


So I gathered up old tees and used up 3 (1 from Hubby, a burgundy one from a friend and one of my old white tee). The one from Hubby had a patch on the front so I used that for the back of the hoodie.

Over the shoulder look …



… Blue steel look (still to add the buttons)


The back with the Japanese samurai patch.


Ok, gonna watch one of my birthday gifts – Dexter Season 4 on DVD and work on the flowers for the 3rd hat.

Posts on Christmas and Zach’s birthday to follow soon.


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