Boys’ Christmas Stockings

Okay 11 more days before Christmas and I really have to start thinking of the things I need to make for our Christmas.

Started thinking of the boys’ Christmas stockings for this year. The ones I made last year were only little and I wanted to make them ones that are big enough to have a little toy in there + little treats.

Here were 2007 and 2009’s X-mas stockings

2007 – crochet stockings for Hubby, me and Josh.


2009 – stockings made out of felt with Josh and Zach’s initials.


So for this year I wanted to make something big enough that’ll last them for a few Christmases, or atleast until the toys they want from Santa get too big.

Remember the Christmas Mary Jane Stockings I bought the pattern for and make and sell in my etsy store – I wanted to make ones like them but with sneakers or something.



Then last night, about 12am, I thought of making Converse style high top shoes Christmas stockings. So I got sketching and started cutting up the pieces. Here’s a collage of some of the stages of creation.

For Josh’s stockings, it had to be green (it’s his favourite colour). I made the shoes green, added a red felt star, red ribbon trimming and black ribbon for the black “rubber” bit on the bottom of the shoes.


I have a lot of those white studs so they were just perfect for the shoe lace holes and that 2 ventilation holes at the bottom of the shoe.


For Zach’s stockings, I made the shoes from red felt, added green star and used thin black elastic for the trim of the shoes (I didn’t have black ribbons thin enough to give it a nice contrast with the thicker black ribbons on the bottom of the shoe).


It was getting very late, or rather very early in the morning. I contemplated staying all through the night (it was already 5am at this stage) but I thought no, don’t want cranky Mum about today. So this is where the stockings were at 5.30am this morning.


When I showed Josh what I was making for them, he looked at it a bit puzzled. I told him the green one was going to be his. Then he insisted that the green one had to have green stars aswell. At first I told him the green shoes had to have red stars and the red shoes with green stars. But no, you can’t argue with a 3 year old. So the green shoes had to have green stars aswell (lucky I had only sewn on one at the time). So after unstitching and sewing everything together, here’s the final result.

Josh’s Christmas stockings 2010.


Zach’s Christmas stockings 2010.


Just need to get shoe laces for them for the finishing touch. In the meantime, here they are hanging above the telly for me to enjoy looking at.


I will make a pattern for it soon and offer it either as a free tutorial or to sell. Okay, 1 item off my Christmas To Do List – now for the other 100.


EDIT Here are they are with laces.


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