Clean, clean, clean

When I woke up Saturday morning (okay, rather woken up by the youngest climbing all over my head and the older one going “Mummy awake!”) I looked at the clothes on the floor by my side of the bed and just thought “Right, I’ll get hubby to do the laundry … ’cause he’s good at that” LOL.

So from the beginning I had the cleaning urge. It took me another few good hours to look at my sewing area and decide that that too needed to get sorted.

I had lots of fabrics unfolded on the floor underneath the table which needed to be folded and put back in its place. Problem was that the place it needed putting back in was a right old mess too. So I needed a big overhaul of the area.

After a very slow process and stopping a lot in between (we got the boys’ wading pool out again over the weekend) I finally sorted my sewing area again. Most things are categorised together now for easy access.

I stashed my fabrics in the red IKEA boxes I had and folded it all in groups to make it a lot easier to look for colours and prints (plus being in boxes hides the messiness its gonna get later on).

They all look so pretty now and inspires me to make a few different projects for next year (can you believe it, 2011 soon!)

I also put all my packaging things together under the computer table, rather than being all over the place.


Oh, it feels so much better to get work in a neat tidy area. I received a few more orders, so better get crackin’.


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