Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes

Okay, if I can make my own shoes, I’d be so right there. Maybe it can be my next crafting venture . But for the moment I have to settle for store bought ones.

However, there is a problem,  I am size 4 (or 34) and the smallest available in main stream stores are size 5 and in most cases, it’s on the bigger side. So I have difficulty finding nice shoes.

No problems for flat shoes or runners for most of the time – I go to the children’s section. However, kids don’t do high heels and I think I’m too old for Dora branded ones or pinks and bows.

So when I find shoes my size, I grab them. Unfortunately now a days, I don’t get to wear too many high heels as it gets a bit difficult wearing them while pushing a double tandem pram that weighs nearly 50kg.

However, I do still keep a look out for small size shoes I like.

But behold when my mum told me a few months ago she was going to the Philippines for a holiday, I already advised her to make room in her luggage for my shoes on the way back.

So I saved up and gave her clear instructions on what I wanted:

  • High heels that can go with jeans
  • High heels in natural colour that can go with anything
  • Wedge heels for summer
  • Flat ballet shoes and
  • Nice strappy flat sandals.


She arrived Sunday and she was silly enough to joke with me that she couldn’t find any nice ones that I may have like – hmm, she was lucky I was in a nice mood or else I would have had a sooki-la-lah moment.

She was able to get 4 of the ones I wanted, but not the strappy sandals as she said there really wasn’t any nice ones that I would have liked – she knows my taste, so I trusted her.

 So here they are – High heels that can go with jeans


High heels in natural colour that can go with anything


Wedge heels for summer


And Flat ballet shoes


Yipee! Mummy very happy 🙂 I’ve been wearing the wedged ones around the house and Josh laughs at me “Mummy shoes” as we normally run around barefoot around the house.

Now I told Hubby he just has to figure out where to take me 😛


2 thoughts on “Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes

  1. Cute shoes! I’m looking for the right shoes myself. I’m pretty fussy though. I like leather shoes. Might try to look for similar types to yours for this season. I need nice sandals and I might try wedges (which seem to be fashionable now). I’m fortunate to have more selections in my size which is 7.5 or 37.5

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