Last Weekend of November

Wow! What fun we had this weekend. Saturday was a very hot day so Hubby and I decided to fill up our wading pool and then I thought to put the slide next to it – Josh had SO much fun it was great watching him. Shame little Zachy was having his nap, but I’m sure there will be plenty of time for him to have a go at it.


Josh saw some kids at at our public pools awhile ago who had their arm floaties on, so when we set up our wading pool, he wanted to wear his. I told him he didn’t need them as our pool wasn’t deep enough. But hey, try changing a 3 year old’s mind once he’s set on something.


Afterwards, I got Josh to do some painting for me. Our Mums’ Group were meeting up Sunday for a pre-Christmas get-together and instead of exchanging store bought gifts, the parents decided that the kids could help make something for each other instead.

I got Josh to paint some card stock which he thoroughly enjoyed – even getting Dad to help.


With some of the card stock, I used to wrap around toilet paper rolls and made binoculars. I hot glued the rolls together and them wrapped the paper around the rolls and added ribbon for straps.


12 kids were attending and I was only able to make 8 binoculars, so for the other 4 I made tiny origami basket (tutorial from Origami Mummy) for the girls and added a hair clip in each.


After the first session of painting, I had a nap (exhausted from having so much fun). During that time, Josh did some more painting with Dad. It was a lovely surprise to find these photos in my camera.


I love the funny faces and dance moves Josh makes, guarantee it takes me out of any bad moods.


So Sunday, the Mums’ Group met up at Federal Park, in Glebe. It was raining a bit but that didn’t deter any body. Great thing too with this park is it’s next to the Light Rail tracks, so of course we caught the tram back home and Josh is still talking about it today. 


That’s Josh sitting right next to the food – you can see him pleading for something – he wanted juice in a cup instead of ones in a sippy bottle. Zach taking it easy sitting in the pram (away from the ants) enjoying apple and cinnamon scroll. The park was great as it had everything – slides, swings, sandpit, cubby houses plus it was gated! Bless.

Can’t wait for the next weekend, but even closer – Wednesday. 1st day of December, we get to set up our Christmas decorations. Josh is really excited about it, even more so as the apartment across from us has set up twinkle lights on their balcony.


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