I was Featured on Made It Blog

One of My Little Dolly made it into the Made It Blog. In today’s post Monday Christmas Gift Guide, My Little Dolly with Black Pigtails and Yellow Dress was featured.


My Little Dollies has been quite a succesful creation for me and I love making them. Their little personalities come out once I have embroided and painted their facial features.

I have also received some great feedbacks from my customers about them. Here’s one of the feedback I received from an etsy customer:

“Wanted to share with you what my brother said about Georgie’s doll. (Lucy is Georgie’s big sister – turning 3 next month):

“Lucy has kidnapped the doll you got Georgie and named her Holly. She wanted to name it Georgie but I explained we already have a Georgie. Its very cute! Actually- now you have an idea for Lucy!”

Looks like I may be ordering another one for Lucy! I’ll get a hold of you soon!


Here are some of my of my previous My Little Dollies.


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