New Keyka Lou Bag

I was very excited when Michelle from Keyka Lou first said she was going to make a pattern of this bag.

Photo courtesy of Keyka Lou


This was a mash-up of 4 of her bag patterns and just has all the elements of a bag I wanted to make for myself.

This first bag I made from a red and white stripes cotton fabric from IKEA and used a very whimsical black, white and red animal print also from IKEA.

It is now available in my etsy store.


I was going to keep this one myself until I made a second one and decided I wanted that one instead.

It is made from a beige cotton stretch drill. The thing that I liked about this is the wooden bird brooch – I just couldn’t part with it. It is simple enough to go along with any of my outfit.


I also bought Keyka Lou’s Keychain Clutch pattern and will be making one to go with my new bag.

Photo courtesy of Keyka Lou


On another note, I have just been taking it easy and just making things on a leisurely pace. I had planned to make lots of items for Christmas but  both boys are just having too much fun in their play that I want to join in.

I have a lot of ideas of where I want to take my crafting venture, but with Christmas coming soon, Zach’s 2nd birthday at the end of the year and the boys just being so fun to be with, I will leave it until the New Year.

I have a lot of orders to keep me busy but I’m not going to stress myself too much.

I want to enjoy this …

… Zach getting bigger and becoming more like a little boy and not my little baby …



… Josh drawing Daddy.


Just too much fun to be had in the sun to be stuck by the sewing machine …


… unless I figure out a way to get the sewing machine outside 😛


4 thoughts on “New Keyka Lou Bag

  1. Your bags look so great! You always do such a nice job sewing and you are so productive.

    Zach & Josh are adorable. It looks like they are having a such great time playing with the water in the plastic tub. Good times!

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