Crayon Art Wallet

We went to IKEA the other day for a day out with the boys and of course a little shopping trip for mum too. so we drove over to Homebush Bay, NSW and when we got there, the boys were only into it for a small amount of time, so I just got the fabrics I needed and we had some lunch.

As the boys were really in the mood, we decided to head back home. on our way to car park, I passes by one of those novelty stores. They used to be like the $2 stores but unfortunately, only a few things are now just $2. But I did find a lot of bargains I knew I’d use in my merchandise.

Here are 4 of them: coloured mini crayons, coloured pencils, notepads and plastic gift bags.

The notepad and coloured crayons and pencils I knew I’d use in my crayon art folio and the plastic gift bags I thought I may use in my packaging when posting my sales.

The crayons I found were a bit smaller than the normal size so I thought I’d make a crayon art wallet.

There are a lot of crayon caddy’s out there that roll up and get tied for closure. But I thought sometimes they get a bit too bulky and if you just need to quickly duck out and just bringing a small bag, a small size wallet will be great.

So after measuring up the necessary parts of the pattern, I designed my very own Crayon Art Wallet.


They are available in 4 different fabric prints and are available in my etsy shop.

Now as for the plastic gift bags, they were the right size to house my crayon art wallets. I printed a stickered labels for them and here’s how they turned out.


I just love the colours of the fabrics – don’t they look delicious?


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