Christmas is Coming

I am really enjoying the Christmas holidays again. I remember it when I was younger when the whole family and relatives would spend Christmas at a different relatives’ place each year.

When my cousins and I wait would patiently for whose present would be next to be pulled out from under the tree. Of course, we never got to open presents until after lunch and the parents have rested and cleared up a bit. All the kids would chant “Present time, present time” until the adults couldn’t take any more of it.

Then I remember a recession during the 90s (I think) when it wasn’t affordable anymore to buy presents for each member of the family. Instead, you would just buy one present for the whole family. This of course made Christmas a little bit boring for the children.

Then when the cousins got older and started earning money from a casual jobs, we then had secret Santas. I enjoyed that time as I always got presents for the house – a table lamp from my cousin Eleonor one year and a handheld Bamix mixer from another cousin Henry another year, both of which are part of my family home now and are used regularly.

As the oldest of the cousins, I liked it when the younger ones became of legal drinking age as we would take one of the wines the parents had brought to the gathering, would polish that off and have the giggles for the rest of the day from being tipsy.

Then as we all grew up and had separate lives, Christmas gatherings were just about the food and eating too much.

Now as a parent, I’ve rediscovered the joy of Christmas, especially now that Josh is more aware of the anticipation of opening presents.

I told Josh the other day we would be putting up the Christmas tree soon. He was very excited and began to tell me how we were going to set it up and what things we would be hanging on it.

So that feeling got me thinking about Christmas for our family and of course for the shop too.

I saw this great pattern for a big Christmas stockings with Mary Jane shoes from sewlola.

Photo courtesy of sewlola


I have made 2 so far and they’re now available in my etsy store.


Bring Christmas on!


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