Another Milestone Reached

Today I took the guard rail off Zach’s cot. He can sort of half climb over the rail – that is, he puts one leg over while the other one is still in and just balances his bottom on the rail, too high up to get himself out of the cot or to get himself back in.

We took the guard rail off a while back, but he just didn’t stay in and at the time, Hubby and I were too tired to try to put him back in every time he got out.

But it was getting too dangerous for him so Hubby and I agreed we would were ready and would have the patience to put him back in bed if he doesn’t stay in.

So today, Zach gave me the signals he was tired and ready for his afternoon nap. Gave him milk and put him in the bed and closed the door. A few minutes later I could hear him playing out of the bed. But after another few minutes, quite. So I quietly opened the door and found he was in the bed but was still awake. I left him for another few minutes and checked back again – he was fast asleep.

So I quickly got some cushions from the lounge and lined the side of the bed in case he falls out.

Great milestone, but mummy’s  a bit sad because my baby is growing up too fast 😦


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